Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:
 questions most asked regarding VPA professionals.
Learners: Q &As regarding academics, athletics and the arts.
Leaders: Membership Q: How do I get involved with the VPA?
A: Join a committee, attend networking events, participate in professional development activities or become an activities monitor  or an athletic coach. See How to Join for VPA membership information.Q: Who are the elementary, middle and secondary principals in my region?
A: Follow this link for a listing of member principals.

Q: Can I get a list of member principal’s email addresses?
A: If you are a member of the VPA, you can access a list of other member principals who have given us permission to list their addresses. VPA Members.
Find out more about becoming a member: Member Benefits.

Q: When is the next meeting date for Executive Council, Activities Standards Committee or General Committee Meetings?
A: Next meeting dates are listed in the Meeting Minutes and Notes section.

Q: What are VPA’s goals and initiatives for this year?
A: You can find this information under “About VPA”, Mission and Vision.

Q: Can I find out about job openings by Vermont region?
A: The VPA refers all job listing questions to two education employment web sites: SchoolSpring.com and Reap.net.

Q: Who do I go to when I have a specific question or concern?
A: The Who’s Who  list gives you the names and areas of responsibility of the VPA Staff, Executive Council, Activities Standards Committee and General Committee members.

Professional Development

Q: I’m aspiring to be a principal, what programs are available to me?
A: Aspiring Principal’s program , networking events, resources- such as salary surveys (members only) and a reduced membership fee (click on How to Join). All aspiring principal’s are assigned a VPA sponsor upon joining.

Q: What workshops or courses are available?
A: Find workshops by date -calendar, or view by topic/location – professional development.




Q: When is the next meeting date for a specific athletic or activity committee?
A: Go to Meeting Minutes for the next meeting date, time and location.

Q: How does academics tie-in with sports and activities?
A: Extra-curricular participation has proven to have a significant impact on academic achievement. Read about The Vital Results link in our Learner section.

Q: When does the season start for a particular sport or event?
A: Look up the specific academic, athletic or the arts event under the Learner section and find the Important Dates on that page.


Q: Where can I get rule books?
A: Order forms for rule books are mailed to each school’s athletic director in the fall. The form can also be downloaded from this site by going to the Rule Book Order Form link. There is a February deadline for orders.

Q: How are division assignments determined?
A: Go to Bylaws and Policies.

Q: How do I find out what division a particular school plays in?
A: The divisions vary by sport, so go to the Learner section, look up the sport and find the Division Alignment on that page.

Q: What are the tournament sites for the championships?
A: Go to the Learner section, look up the specific sport and click on Pairings.

Q: What are the eligibility rules?
A: Go to Bylaws and Policies.

Q: What are the rules about private school students playing on public school teams?
A: Private school students may not play on public school teams.