Valproic Acid and Vitro Treatment For Surrogate Mothers

For years now scientists have been performing experiments on SCAT, otherwise known as somatic cell nuclear transfer and Valproic Acid, or VPA which is a histone deacetylase inhibitor; trying to connect the two and see what impact it may have on cloning and embryo development. As these tests have been conducted, it has shown that there may be hope to move it on to the next phase, which would be human trials.

Over the course of the studies and extensive research and testing (when they adjust the dose and administer it in various intervals throughout the day), the success rate went from 18% to 75% and is continuing to grow. It will be weeks to months before the program is poised to move forward. These percentages are based on studies performed on pigs and their piglets survival rate. Although the majority of the first group died between 1 and 5 days later; further studies have been able to produce successes.

With the research reaching a point in which it will move forward in the near future; it is easy to see the boundless possibilities within the human species. Once there has been a control group selected and put into place, there will be even further advances in the science; allowing us to have validity in the process. Withe the correct research showing us the proper dosage; the potential for successful insemination and subsequent pregnancy and birth is outstanding.

As women, most of us have an innate desire to reproduce. For some, that desire is hard to fulfill and they must seek out other measures. As hard as it is to simply know that you are unable to conceive, it is important to know that there are many options out there. Moving forward with these types of treatments may increase the success of your surrogacy transfer as well as give you the possibility to carry full term on your own.

The possibilities are endless and it is important that you get fully informed on the details surrounding all of your options prior to settling on one. The VPA and SCAT research has jumped leaps and bound ahead of where it was a few years ago and now it is getting close to becoming one of your options as well.

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